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Game of Thrones - Season 7

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by SamT, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Sam Favate

    Sam Favate Lead Actor

    Feb 3, 2004
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    Sam Favate
    Wow, Ron, you caught up quick! Seems like the other day you were on season 3!

    I've been watching from the beginning, and I never read the books. My wife and I enjoy The Lord of the Rings, and George R.R. Martin is from my hometown, and we like Sean Bean. So those were the things that brought us in. But yeah, we were hooked with the first episode. In all the episodes that followed, there was maybe 1 that I felt was a bit of a disappointment. One out of 67 is pretty damn good.

    I am looking forward to the last season like everyone else, but also to the blu-ray release, so we can watch the entire show in order in 2 or 3 months (we only average one a night), instead of 8 or 9 years. I did that recently with my kids and 19 Marvel films, and it's very rewarding to see things connect together the way they do. In Game of Thrones, with its very complicated subplots, I suspect it will be even more rewarding.
  2. BobO'Link

    BobO'Link Producer

    May 3, 2008
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    That's a *lot* of GOT in a short time, Ron! Admittedly, I binged the first two seasons when a co-worker insisted I give it a go (waaaay back when S3 was about to come out on disc). I borrowed her S1 set to shut her up as I'd already told her several times "I'm not looking to add anything new. I don't care how good you think it is (and I respect her opinion of product in several genres) or how much you think it fits with stuff I like." I watched S1 that Saturday... I emailed her Saturday night with "Bring S2 to work Monday!" and watched it again that Sunday. I watched S2 a bit more slowly, watching no more than 2 episodes per day. I immediately pre-ordered S3 and watched it slowly, taking about a week. It's all we talked about, as far as TV product goes, for months. I don't have, nor want, HBO so she had me piggy back on her account to watch S4 so we could continue the discussion without waiting for the physical media release. We talked about it so much that the two guys who share an office with me started watching it (both borrowed either my or her sets).

    I'm currently watching it again. Very slowly. An episode per week while waiting, impatiently, for S8. Considering that I've always watched every episode from S1 on before a new season starts that means I've seen the first 3 seasons 4 times (I'd watched S1-3 on disc before watching S4 live). In the past, with annual season releases, I've started watching in time to get in one episode per night and watch the last episode of the previous season the night before the next airs. I can't do that with S8... it's too long to go. I anticipate watching the first 7 seasons again before S8 airs as every time I watch I see new things and am able to make connections from later to earlier seasons that just weren't apparent during those first viewings.

    In spite of my love for the series as a whole, I do feel the quality of dialog and pacing has suffered a bit since Benioff and Weiss ran out of books from which to draw the dialog and action. It feels a bit like fan fiction the past couple of seasons, but at least *good* fan fiction. It's always possible I'll change that opinion once I watch S6 & S7 again (only twice for S6 and once for S7 so far) but I noticed the change about half-way through S5. No, I've not yet read the books. I'm saving them for when the series has finished airing and, hopefully, until Martin actually completes writing the last book (or is it two more? If that's the case it may never be finished considering the glacial pace he's working.).

    In spite of my feelings about the later seasons, this show made the rare leap into my Favorite TV Shows of all Time list. I've not yet assigned it a rank, which will be difficult considering what's already there, but fully anticipate it being in the Top 20 if not the Top 10. Without a doubt it's the best TV show I've seen premier in the past 20 years.
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